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Tuesday, Aug 6, 2024

Tuesday, August 6, 1-1:30 PM EST


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ArthurJoin James Crichton for a demo of Arthur Analytics, an integrated source for tracking art sales, auctions, events, emerging trends, and news all in one place.
Arthur Analytics allows you to know what to buy, what to sell, and where to go.

  • Arthur is a website and mobile (iOS/Android) experience that enables you to:
  • Track unlimited artists, galleries, museums, auctions, and art fairs.
  • Monitor changes in artists and gallery rankings and shows to identify emerging trends.
  • Follow artist’s, auction results, show information, represented dealers, museum collections, and catalog raisonnes.
  • Filter sales by medium, dimensions, category, and color.
  • Stay informed about auction results with detailed lot data for the global top 50 auction houses.
  • Calendar openings, ongoing shows, and upcoming events.
  • Label, note, and share sale information, event details, and news with others.
  • Stay informed with news from over 150 fine art publications, podcasts, and video channels.
  • Create travel itineraries based on artist, gallery, and museum events worldwide.

Arthur’s geo-location feature provides:

  • Opening events closest to you.
  • Gallery, museum, and fair information whenever an artist is participating anywhere in the world.

Arthur’s data is licensed from the most trusted partners in the industry and include:

  • Artfacts for event information.
  • ArtDAI for auction results.
  • LiveArt for private market buyer-seller transactions.

More information can be found at:

Free - Members of the Appraisers Association

JC HeadshotJames Crichton, founder of Arthur Analytics, comes from a family of art collectors spanning four generations. This background has given him first hand insight into the difficulties and complexities of tracking the fine art market. Before launching Arthur, he spent 24 years leading an investment partnership on Wall Street, where he witnessed the efficiency and transparency of financial markets. Inspired by this experience, he envisioned bringing similar principles to the art world through Arthur Analytics. Mr. Crichton holds a BS in Engineering from West Point and an MBA from Harvard Business School. 

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