Mrs. Alix Holloway, AAA Certified

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Postwar, Contemporary, and Emerging Art

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Certified Member


Charitable Donation; Estate Tax Liability; Equitable Distribution; Insurance

Appraiser's Statement

Alix Holloway is a Certified Appraiser in Post-War, Contemporary, and Emerging Art, with extensive experience working with Estates. After 10 years at James Goodman Gallery, an established secondary market gallery dealing in European and American Masterworks, she worked with the founder's Estate to close the gallery and deaccession his personal collection. Working in much the same capacity and with many of the same clients, she then established AH Arts LLC, a boutique full-service fine art advisory firm and art dealership with a showroom in Chelsea, NY, that provides new and veteran collectors with the expertise, access, and education to build meaningful curated collections. In addition to Appraisals for Insurance, Estate, Matrimonial, Donation, and Loss/Damage, Alix can assist with acquisitions, research, collection management, and selling strategies to minimize risk and increase financial return on individual works or full collections.