Ms. Muriel Quancard, AAA Certified

USPAP compliant through:



Postwar, Contemporary, and Emerging Art

Member Type

Certified Member


Charitable Donation; Estate Tax Liability; Equitable Distribution; Insurance

Appraiser's Statement

Appraiser, curator and strategic consultant, Muriel Quancard appraised hundreds of items encompassing painting, sculpture, works on paper, photography, post-conceptual practices, art installations, performance, video, digital, sound art and other time-based media (TBM). A fervent advocate of technology driven practices, Muriel lectures and consults on complex phenomena such as computer-generated art, AI powered processes, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain and NFT.

Through her research and curatorial work Muriel maintains a constant dialogue with artists, museums, and private collections to the benefit of her appraisal practice. Muriel carries out a distinctive approach to every artwork, collection, and estate she engages with, whether they include traditional or new media.

She is staunchly committed to educate and inform her clients on the developments of the appraisal project as it unfolds. A French American dual citizen, Muriel performs appraisals in the US, Canada, South America, and Europe.