Ms. Xiaoying Juliette Yuan Accredited

Juliette Yuan & Associates

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Postwar, Contemporary, and Emerging Art

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Accredited Member


Charitable Donation; Estate Tax Liability; Equitable Distribution; Insurance

Appraiser's Statement

Juliette Yuan & Associates (JY&A) is an LLC registered in New York State, providing art advisory and appraisal services to international artists and collectors. We specialize in Post-War, Contemporary, Emerging Art, and Chinese 20th-21st Century Art. As an experienced art advisor, a USPAP-Compliant Fine Art Appraiser, and an Accredited Member of the Appraisers Association of America (AAA), Juliette Yuan excels at communicating with new clients, discerning their goals and aspirations, assisting them in strategizing successful plans to achieve their objectives. Her language skills and diverse cultural experience enable her to comfortably and effectively engage a global clientele.

Juliette's two decades of collaborations with highly-regarded art professionals and institutions, her academic and commercial experience, and her ability to handle complex projects come from her education and rich experiences representing established and emerging artists, advising government and art institutions, corporations, and nonprofits. She has consulted and represented artists and collectors, assisting them in coordinating with galleries and auction houses to facilitate and develop their collections and businesses.

Juliette is passionate about art history, skilled at art market research and analysis, and dedicated to advancing a client's interest with her expertise, art advisory, and fine art valuation. She conducts herself with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism consistent with her upbringing and the professional standards required by governing authorities.

  • Language: native/trilingual proficiency in Chinese mandarin (native, mainland China), French (France), English (US)
  • Areas of Specialization: Postwar, Contemporary, Emerging Art (Accredited); European art, 20th-21st century; Prints, 20th and 21st century; Chinese 20th-21st century
  • Consulting and Appraisal Experience: Paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, sculpture, photographs, Chinese ink work, new media art
  • Clientele: Artists, private/corporation/institutional collectors, family offices, estate planning attorneys, and insurance companies 


  • Art asset identification
  • General art market research and analysis
  • Specific artwork or collection market research and analysis
  • Comparables research and analysis
  • Art asset valuation
  • Appraisal report writing

for (non-cash charitable) donation, insurance, the estate with a (non) surviving spouse, tax loss, equitable distribution, estate planning, inventory, damage, collateral, liquidation, and net worth