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Charitable Donation; Estate Tax Liability; Equitable Distribution; Insurance

Appraiser's Statement
With over 30 years of experience, John Staszyn is one of the most trusted appraisers specializing in the fields of Fine Art Photography, Photographer’s Estates and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of photography. As an appraiser and an expert witness, Mr. Staszyn has worked for both sellers and buyers - for individual collectors, dealers, estate lawyers, and insurance companies including Lloyds of London. Mr. Staszyn has appraised single photographic items and as many as tens of thousands of photographic items. He has been asked to prepare appraisals for donation, equitable distribution, investment, as well as for insurance. He has testified about his appraisal of the photographic portion of the Richard Nixon Papers, the last of Nixon’s numerous lawsuits against the United States Government and his appraisal for the Department of Justice of the fair market value of Abraham Zapruder’s film of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, now on deposit at the National Archives in Washington.