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Hana Thomson studied Art History at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and spent her junior year abroad in Bologna, Italy. She enjoyed identifying different artists and time periods and connecting history with changing taste and design styles. In graduate school at Parsons/Cooper-Hewitt, she continued her studies and focused on jewelry design history from 1850-1950. While in New York, she worked for a jewelry company in the Diamond District, interned at Phillips and Bonhams auction houses and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Hana has spent a lot of time at antique stores, flea markets and trade shows looking for and handling as many interesting and unusual pieces of jewelry she can find and worked at an auction house in Chicago for several years. The thrill of hunting and discovering more information about a piece was what she loved most about working at auction. Access to thousands of pieces of jewelry allowed her to explore and learn new things about jewelry and watches every day.

Hana completed her Graduate Gemology degree from GIA, as well as the Graduate Pearls and Applied Jewelry Professional degrees. She has always had an interest in gems and rocks—she spent summers searching for Petoskey stones on Lake Michigan beaches her whole life and collected rocks and shells everywhere she went. She loves nature and appreciates the variety of interesting gemstones that are found all over the world!

Hana spends her free time at museums, hiking on trails around Michigan and playing tennis. Hana is grateful she can combine so many passions in her work- jewelry, watches and objects, natural stones and gemstones, and digging deeper to discover the history and context behind them.