Accredited Membership

Accredited Members make up our core membership level and represent those individuals with significant expertise, qualifying education, and a minimum of five years of experience in personal property, specializing in the fine or decorative arts. Accredited Members are included in the searchable “Find An Appraiser” database.

The Appraisers Association’s requirements for Accredited Membership align with the Personal Property Appraiser Minimum Qualification Criteria established by The Appraisal Foundation (TAF). TAF is a congressionally mandated organization that oversees the valuation profession. The requirements include 120 hours of Qualifying Education, including a 15-hour USPAP Course & Exam. Applicants must submit three sample appraisals following the templates provided by the Appraisers Association. Candidates for Accredited membership do not take an exam in an area of specialization. Renewing Accredited Members must meet a Continuing Education requirement of 70 hours every five years, including either a 15-hour or 7-hour USPAP Course and/or Exam every two years to remain USPAP compliant.

Qualifying Experience

  • 5 years minimum of direct marketplace and appraisal writing experience

Qualifying Education (120 hours minimum)

Please contact the Membership Manager for information about qualifying education.


  • Resume or CV listing qualifying experience and educational background  
  • Three professional references
  • Area of specialization
  • Application Fee ($275, non-refundable)

Membership Comment

Name published twice in the Pending Applications List, full membership invited to comment

Admissions Committee Review

meetings held quarterly in June, October, January, and April

Dues are $675 per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).

Applicants apply in ONE area of specialization at a time. Please review the list here. Additional areas can be added once your initial application is accepted. You may also apply to become a Certified Member in any area in which you are admitted once you have ten years of expertise. We encourage all of our Accredited Members to work towards Certification!

The entire process can take as little as four months or up to two years. Please note that once you initiate the application process, your candidacy will last two years. All coursework and application materials must be completed within these two years. Templates for report submission will be provided once your candidacy begins.

Please contact Patrick McIntyre, Membership Manager, by calling 212.889.5404 x13 or by email with any questions.

New to the Appraiser's Association?  

If you're an appraiser interested in Associate, Accredited, or Certified membership in our organization, please complete our screening application to include your current resume or CV, related professional organizations, and appraisal education. We will use this information to help determine which membership track most accurately matches your level of expertise.

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